KilimoGuide is a digital agriculture investing platform that empower
farmers by providing investing opportunities in the farms.

We provide opportunities to community members who would like to increase their income by investing in the agriculture sector.

Before listing any agriculture investment, we have the contract with the buyers, insurance is covered and we have the agriculture consultants and farmers working on the investment. 

Our Services

We help our farm investors earn more by supporting farmers.

Our Vision

“To be the largest commercial farm ecosystem in Tanzania, meeting food production and creating wealth for Tanzanians through collaboration.”

Mission statement

“To provide innovative agricultural practices and leveraging technology to increase quality food production and distribute wealth in Tanzania”

Core Value

“We are a innovative structured company with a set of guiding principles that define our existence and committed with the way we work.”


The objectives of our company are;

Empowering farmers.

Increasing quality food productivity.

Improving agricultural value chain.

Providing investing options to community members.

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